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8 Panty-Melting Werewolves and BBW Witches

Dark magic whispered across her skin as his lips drifted lower. He murmured, "You're mine. Tonight, forever."

A collection of eight scorching-hot paranormal romance short stories filled with panty-melting werewolves and the BBW witches they love. This paranormal romance collection includes: Werewolf Shifter Romance, Menage Romance, and more!

The stories included in the collection:

1. Claimed by the Wolf Kings
2. Midsummer Night’s Alpha
3. Bewitching the Alpha
4. Fall of the Alpha
5. Enthralled by the Alpha
6. Midwinter Night’s Alpha
7. Tempting the Alphas
8. Rise of the Alpha

This is the complete series. The stories are only available in this collection.

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