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Underground Vengeance
Liv Brywood - Reaper copy 600.jpg

Release Date: 5/1/2024


I’d ride through hell to save her…


I bathe in the blood of my enemies, relishing their torment as my ultimate pleasure. My very soul, tainted and irredeemable, stands at the precipice of salvation. Against all odds, Lexi's determined to pull me from the abyss. She crashes back into my life seven years after she left it. But this time, she’s not alone. She’s got my son, the kid I never knew about, and she’s on the run from the most sinister man to ever walk this earth, Jonathan Blackstone.


To protect them, I’ll chase Blackstone through the depths of hell. But I’m not afraid. Darkness is my ally. I know its secrets intimately. And when I’m done fighting the devil, I’m going after the only woman I’ve ever loved. Lexi’s afraid my tormented heart is incapable of commitment, but there are only two things I love more than riding—her and our son—and I’ll do whatever it takes to claim them both, forever.

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