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Cowbear's Christmas Bride

Book 4: Curvy Bear Ranch
The Cowbear's Christmas Bride-200.jpg

​After being abandoned at an orphanage as a child, Carol has spent her entire life pushing people away. If her own mother couldn't love her, then how could anyone else? But one snowy night in Central Park changes everything. When she learns a terrifying secret about herself, she wants to hide—but she can't. In search of the truth about her heritage, she travels to the Curvy Bear Ranch in West Yellowstone. She's on a mission to reclaim her soul, and can't let anything get in her way—especially not the hot, panty-melting cowboy who keeps offering to help.

When cowboy bear shifter, Hank Grant, meets a sexy, curvy woman at his family's bed and breakfast, he's instantly attracted. Although she doesn't want his assistance, he can't stop his bear's insatiable desire. Against his better judgement, he helps Carol on her quest. But after one dangerous encounter, he realizes that she's his fated mate and he'll do whatever it takes to protect her—even if it means keeping her in his bed. He intends to use every sensual skill in his arsenal to convince her that they belong together. He might end up on her naughty list, but it's a chance he's willing to take.

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