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(UVMC, Montana Chapter)
Bonus Content

Bonus Scene

Julia’s cute little ass parades past me as she walks into our bedroom. I promised her some fun, sexy time in bed and I’m going to deliver in a way she’ll never expect. Over the last couple of weeks, she’s become more and more adventurous in bed. I suspected my woman might like it rough after she let me choke her in bed the first time. Today I’m going to give her something she’s never had before.

I follow her into the room and find her shimmying out of her jeans. Her perfect, curvy ass is on full display. She only wears thongs now because she knows they drive me nuts. I’m crazy for this woman. I still can’t believe she’s mine. Hopefully she’ll enjoy what I have planned.

“What are we trying today?” She coyly glances up at me through her thick lashes.

“Oh, that’s a surprise. But it’s going to involve rope and a mask.”

“Tie me up and blind me? Sounds kinky.” She grins.

“You have no idea.” A wicked smile spreads across my lips. “Come here, babe.”

She sways her hips as she walks toward me. When she’s within reach, I yank her pink sweater over her head and toss it aside. The sexy, hunter green lingerie set I bought her for Christmas still takes my breath away. Her creamy skin is silky under my hands. I want to touch her everywhere, but I grab her ass instead.

“If you keep grinding your cock against my panties, we might not get to the part where you tie me up,” she teases.

I growl and deftly unhook her bra. It slides down her arms, unleashing her voluptuous breasts. Unable to control myself, I suck one plump nipple between my lips. She sighs and runs her fingers through my hair. My cock’s already rock-hard, but the extra sensation of her hands on me sends me into overdrive. I briefly consider ditching my plan, but there’s no fucking way that’s happening. I’ve waited weeks for this. Now the fantasy I’ve been jerking off to is finally going to come true.

“Lay on the bed,” I command.

“Like this?” She crawls across the bed like an alley cat in heat. Her pink pussy lips wink at me as she moves.

“Take your thong off.”

She rolls onto her back and slides her hands down her sides, putting on a sexy show before removing her thong. Totally naked now, she spreads her legs. She gives me a shameless smile.

“Come and get me,” she murmurs in a sultry voice.

“Not yet.” I go to the closet and pull out several lengths of rope. Last week, I bought a bondage kit at the local sex shop. It’s full of stuff I can use on my woman, but I’m saving the rest of it for another day.

“Oh, you really are going to tie me up,” she muses.


I lean over her and loop each of her hands through the rope, tying her arms wide. I complete the same process with her legs, spreading them as wide as I think she can handle. When I step back to admire my work, I almost come in my pants. I’ve never tied her down before but seeing her so completely helpless makes my dick so hard it hurts. Part of me wants to bury my cock in her tight little pussy right-fucking-now. I could save the surprise for later, but I’ve been planning this for so long that I have to see it through.

“Come fuck me,” she begs.

“There’s my greedy little brat. Don’t worry, sugar bear. When I’m done, you’ll be so satisfied you’ll never want to leave this bed.”

“Promises, promises.” She smirks at me while I settle a black satin blindfold over her eyes.

“Stay right there. I’ll be back in a second.”

“Wait! Scar! Don’t leave me tied up! I can’t see anything.”

“That’s the idea. Back in a minute,” I call over my shoulder.

I hid the package from the post office in the last place she’d ever look for it. I open the closet full of cleaning supplies and retrieve the box from the top shelf. She hasn’t been in here since I started getting prospects to clean the house. I don’t want her to lift a finger unless she wants to. When I told her I’d spoil her for the rest of her life, I wasn’t joking.

After setting the box on the kitchen counter, I grab a knife and slice the packing tape open. The non-descript box holds my arch nemesis. I wish I could toss it into the trash again, but she was so mad the first time I don’t dare to pull that shit again.

I open the box and slide the alien green dick out of its matching satin case. The thing is eight inches long with a girth that would make most men jealous. I’m not jealous. I’m real and alive, unlike this thing. I still can’t believe she made me buy her a new one after I tossed the last one out. Joke’s on her though. I’m going to make sure she knows who’s the boss in this house. It’s not this alien dick, that’s for sure.

When I return to the bedroom, she’s squirming and trying to break free. I should have strapped her face down, ass up. Next time.

“Ready, baby?” I croon.

“I’m horny as fuck, Scar. Just come and fuck me already.” She arches her hips off the bed until I flick on the vibrating monster. Cocking her head to one side, she mashes her lips together. “What’s that?”

“It’s your surprise.” I climb onto the bed and kneel between her thick thighs. After pausing for a beat, I slide the vibrating monster up the inside of one leg. I skip over her pussy before rubbing it across her other thigh.

“Oh my God is that my toy? When did it get here?”

“No questions or I’m gagging you too,” I warn playfully.

“Put it in. Oh, baby please fuck me with it.”

“Not going to happen. When I’m in bed with you the only thing going into your pussy is me.” When she groans in disappointment I add, “Don’t worry. It can go other places instead.”

“Like … do you mean … in my … ”

“Wherever I want to shove it. After all, this isn’t your toy anymore. It’s ours.” I may not like the little bastard, but if she wants it, I’ll give it to her. Maybe not the way she imagined, but she’ll be begging me for it soon enough.

I touch the tip of the vibrating cock to each of her nipples. They’re already sensitive as hell, so the added pressure is too much. She jerks her shoulders, trying to escape the overwhelming sensation.

“Too much,” she gasps.

“Where else do you want it?” I glide it down from between her breasts toward her sweet little pussy. I stop just short of touching her where she really wants it. “Lower?”

“Yes! Oh my God, yes!”

“Nope.” I pull it away.


“I told you. This pussy is mine.”

“Scar,” she whines.

I set the toy aside and position myself between her thighs. She can’t see me, so she has no idea I’m about to take what’s mine. Wrapping my hand around my thick shaft, I position myself at her entrance. With a swift thrust forward, I fill her completely. Her scream is part surprise, part pleasure. Since I don’t want her to get used to anything I’m doing, I roll my hips a few times before stopping. My cock’s still balls-deep, but I’m not moving.

“Fuck me,” she demands.

“Okay.” I grab the green monster and flick it to the lowest setting. I slide back until I’m halfway out of her pussy before slamming home. As I pull almost all the way out, I touch the vibrator to her clit. She screams and tries to wiggle away.

“Oh, fuck!”

“Is this what you wanted?” My sadistic laughter fills the room.

She tries to speak but her chest is heaving so much she can’t catch her breath. I don’t let up on the pressure. This is too fucking fun. I flick the button that kicks the vibration up a notch. She’s gurgling and grunting now. She’s yanking against the ropes, but I don’t think she’s trying to break free.

I piston my cock into her, loving the way the vibrations travel through her pussy and against my shaft. This is much better than I imagined. I thought it would only give her pleasure, but I’m getting something out of this thing too.

With several savage thrusts, I assert my dominance. Her pussy constricts tighter and tighter until I have to really shove to get inside her.

“No. More.” She gasps and slinks her hips into the bed.

“More?” I pretend not to understand what she wants and adjust the setting to maximum power.

She screams so loud I’m sure everyone in the county heard her. The clenching, sucking, spasming pull of her pussy makes my eyes cross. I can hardly control myself because her pussy’s too fucking perfect. The orgasm grips her as hard as she’s gripping my dick.

“Wait,” she gasps.

Nope. I’m going to make her wish she never met this little monster. I hold it against her twitching body and force her to come over and over. The sounds spilling out of her lips are unlike anything I’ve ever heard from her before. It’s a melody I’ll never forget, one I hope I’ll hear every day for the rest of my life.

Watching her completely fall apart is a rush unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Making her come this hard is fun as hell. I pound her pussy hard, trying to last as long as I can. Every cell in my body is begging me to come, but not yet. This isn’t how I want it to end. There’s something else I want.

“If I untie you, will you be a good girl?”

Her garbled answer is somehow hilarious and sexy at the same time. I swiftly untie her before flipping her onto her belly. I leave the blindfold on. Grabbing her hips, I haul her back onto my dick. I grab a bottle of lube I kept hidden in the sheets and drop a generous amount onto her tight little hole.

“Scar,” she moans.

“Your pussy’s mine. But this?” I work my finger into her tight orifice.


“Relax, sugar bear.” I position the alien cock at the entrance and slowly work it into her. I feel the moment her body relents. From that point on, it goes in smoothly. I wait until it’s buried as deep as it can go before turning it on.

“Fuuucccckkk….” She shoves her hips back, forcing my cock deep. “Harder Scar!”

I pound into my woman, taking her to even higher levels of ecstasy. Suddenly she shudders so violently that I almost lose my pace. Instead, I grab her hips and hold her on my dick while she falls apart again. I watch as her ass clenches down hard. Her pussy does the same and now I’m done waiting.

With savage thrusts, I drill her spasming pussy. My balls pull up hard and there’s no way I can stop. I grunt and slam into her, driving hard, and pushing her into the mattress. My hips slam against her ass. She’s screaming in ecstasy when I join her, hollering as my orgasm rips through my body. Hot spurts fill her until I’ve got nothing left.

When I collapse against her, the vibrating beast is still going. I turn it off and tug it free from her ass. She shivers. I’m still balls-deep, but I can’t move. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I decided to bring her toy into our bed. Now I know that damn thing is here to stay. I can see why she likes it.

I don’t know how much time has passed when I finally pull out. I roll her onto her side so we’re facing each other. I slide the blindfold off. Her gaze is glassy, and her smile is one of pure, feminine satisfaction.

“Are you going to throw it away again?” she asks several minutes later.

“Not a fucking chance,” I say.

“See, I knew you’d let me keep it.”

“Only because it’s fun as hell.”

“Maybe we should try some other toys too.”

“Oh, babe. You have no idea what else I have planned for us.”

“I can’t wait,” she purrs before snuggling against me.

As I cuddle her in my arms, something pokes me in the hip. It’s the alien monster. I never thought I’d be into adult toys, but now I’m ready to try anything. Julia’s the best thing that ever happened to me and I’ll love her for the rest of our lives. I can’t wait for all the sexcapades we’re going to have together. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.

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