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Claim Me Cowbear

Book 2: Curvy Bear B&B
Claim Me Cowbear 200.jpg

Sasha has exactly one week to create an original ceramic sculpture for a rich art aficionado. If she doesn’t come up with an amazing piece, she can kiss her business goodbye. Drowning in debt, she’s on a mission to find a new creative idea. When she travels to the Curvy Bear Ranch Artist’s Retreat, she never expects to meet a kindred spirit in sexy bear shifter Jack Brock. The ruggedly handsome metal sculpture artist is everything she ever wanted in a mate. Too bad she isn’t looking for love.

Three years ago, Jack was the sole survivor of a horrific plane crash. Every morning he wakes up ready to jump headfirst into a new adventure. Putting down roots is completely out of the question. He’s been given a second chance at life, and he wants to experience everything it has to offer. But when he meets Sasha, his bear won’t let him ignore her curvy hips and stunning smile. But to fall in love would mean giving up his freedom, and he’s not ready to make that sacrifice.

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