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(UVMC, Montana Chapter)
Bonus Content

Bonus Scene


Walking into court always makes me nervous. Fortunately, Matrix and Angie are sitting in the back row along with Scar, Nitro, and Talon. Reaper’s back at the clubhouse with the old ladies, setting up a celebratory barbecue. This is only the fifth case I’ve testified in, but the defendant is easily the biggest jerk of them all.


As I walk down the aisle toward the witness stand, I glance at my client’s lawyer. Mr. Nevins gives me a reassuring nod. Bernadette, my client, is sitting beside him. She’s in her late forties and, despite what her soon-to-be ex says, she’s stunning. Her chestnut hair hangs around her shoulders in a long bob. She’s wearing a perfectly tailored cream suit, which is standard for her, considering her lifestyle. She flashes a weary smile. The trial has been tough, but today I’m going to make sure she gets everything she deserves during her divorce.


“All rise. The court of Yellowstone County is now in session. The Honorable Martin K. Alexander is presiding.” The court clerk returns to his seat while the judge takes his behind the bench.


“Councilor, call your first witness,” Judge Alexander says.


“I call Daisy Newton to the stand.”


I get a little shiver of pleasure hearing Matrix’s legal last name. We changed it after we got married. It’s been over six months of pure bliss. I’ve never been so happy.


After taking the stand, I raise my right hand. “I solemnly swear and affirm that the evidence I’ll give shall be the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”


“What is the nature of your relationship with my client?” Mr. Nevins asks.


“She hired me as a forensic accountant to search for the money and property her husband hid right before their divorce started.”


“And what were your findings?” Mr. Nevins stands tall, angling himself halfway between me and the judge so he can gauge the judge’s reaction.


“I found several offshore bank accounts, shell companies, and properties which had been transferred into her husband’s best friend’s name.”


“When did those transfers occur?”


“A month before he filed for divorce.”


“That lying cunt!” Mr. Darvis, the soon-to-be ex-husband jumps to his feet. His face flashes with rage.


“Sit down, Mr. Darvis.” The judge slams his gavel. “I’ll have order in my court, or I’ll find you in contempt. Spending a few days in jail might do you some good.”


“That bitch is lying.” Mr. Darvis points at me. “Who the fuck does she think she is? A woman could never understand my businesses. Somebody had better check her credentials.”


“I can assure the court that I provided ample documentation during discovery. It’s all in my report.” I sit straighter and try to ignore the butterflies in my stomach. I glance at Matrix. He’s scowling and glaring at Darvis, but damn, my man looks hot in his suit. I can’t wait to take it off him as soon as we get home.


“Her testimony is a formality,” the judge says. “I’ve read over her report, and everything checks out. Mr. Darvis hid over ten million dollars in cash. His real estate holdings, transferred illegally to his friend, amount to over twenty million.”


“Those are mine,” Mr. Darvis growls. “That bitch doesn’t deserve a penny. She got fat and old.”


“Which is why you replaced her with a twenty-one year old stripper,” I say wryly. When the judge glances at me, I wipe the smirk off my face. Even though I want to throat-punch this jackass, I have to remain professional.


“Do you have anything else to add or is everything included in your report?” the judge asks.


“It’s all in there.”


“Very well. Councilor, do you have any other questions for this witness?”




“Then the witness is dismissed. Thank you for your thoroughness, Mrs. Newton. You made it very easy for me to render a verdict. If you have a moment to stay, I’m sure you’ll be pleased with my ruling.”


“Thank you, Your Honor. It’s a pleasure to be in your courtroom again.”


“It’s always nice to see you.”


As I walk past Mr. Darvis, he mutters to his lawyer, “How did that dumb bitch find my condo in Aruba? No one knows about that.”


“She’s good. The best in the business when it comes to finding missing assets.”


As I take my seat beside Matrix, Angie grabs my hand. She squeezes it and smiles. She’s been in counseling for over six months now. Given the ordeal she endured, it’s going to take time for her to process everything that happened, but she’s doing so much better than she was when we rescued her from New Orleans. I love her so much. I hope she finds as much happiness as I’ve found with Matrix.


“In the matter of Darvis vs Darvis, I’m ruling in favor of Mrs. Darvis. Because Mr. Darvis had the audacity to hide a good portion of his assets from this court, I’m ordering that all hidden assets become the sole property of Mrs. Darvis.”


“What the fuck!” Mr. Darvis hops up and flattens his palms on the table. “You can’t do that.”


“Sit down, Mr. Darvis!”


“I couldn’t stay married to her after she got old and fat. This isn’t my fault. She never even had a job. I haven’t gotten one damn penny from her. She doesn’t deserve shit!”


“She raised three children and took care of your household. That’s more than a full time job. By law, she’s entitled to half of your estate. You wouldn’t have lost nearly as much in this case if you hadn’t hidden assets. If I could legally give her everything and leave you penniless, I would. You’re a despicable man. You don’t deserve a woman as kind as Bernadette. I’m also granting her immediate petition for a name change. I wouldn’t want her to have to bear your name for a second longer than necessary.”


“Thank you,” Bernadette says.


“I’m sorry you had to endure twenty years with this man. I hope the next twenty are much more peaceful and fulfilling.”


“I appreciate that.”


“Your attorney will go over the details regarding the asset transfer. I’ll be sure to talk to my friends in Aruba about getting the title on that property changed as soon as possible. Court is adjourned.” He slams the gavel before leaving the bench.


Mr. Darvis stalks down the aisle toward me, but Matrix blocks him from coming any closer. His imposing form towers over Mr. Darvis who resembles a rat in comparison. Matrix doesn’t have to say a word. He crosses his arms over his chest and simply glares at Darvis until he turns tail and goes scampering back to his lawyer.


“Ready to go, babe?” Matrix asks.


“I’m starving. I can’t wait for the barbecue.”


“Reaper texted. He’s throwing the meat on the grill soon. Nina, Holly, and Julia are finishing up the sides.”

“That was so sweet of them.”


“We take care of our own. That’s what it means to be in this club,” Scar says.


“I know, and I’m grateful for every second I get to spend with you guys. I feel so lucky to be a part of your family.”


“And we’re happy to have you and yours too.” Scar smiles at Angie. “Ready to go get some grub?”


“Totally!” Angie grins. “Can I ride with you this time?”


“Did riding with Nitro scare the crap out of you?” Scar teases.


“Um, we like, almost died.” Angie gives Nitro a chagrined smile. “Sorry, but for reals, you suck at driving.”


Nitro busts up laughing. “She’s not wrong.”


“Yeah, you can ride with me,” Scar says. “Come on, kid.”


We head out to the parking lot where sunlight shines off a row of chrome bikes. As I climb on behind Matrix, I wrap my arms around his waist.


“A little lower, babe.” He growls in a low, sexy voice.


“Don’t get all worked up yet. We have a barbecue to attend.”


“We’ll get there… eventually. First, I’m going to make a little stop in the forest so we can take care of the wood I’m packing.”


“Matrix!” I toss my head back and laugh. He’s so dirty and yet so silly. It’s the perfect combination in  a man.


As we roar up the mountain, I press my face into his solid form. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted, and I still can’t believe he’s mine. I love this man so much, and he loves me too. We can’t keep our hands off each other, so it’s probably a good thing we’re stopping for a quickie in the woods.


We’re almost an hour late to the barbecue. When we walk in, everyone gives us knowing smiles. I blush but lace my fingers through his. We’re surrounded by our family now. Life doesn’t get any better than this.

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