Join Liv's ARC Team

A reader who gets a FREE copy of an author’s new book a couple weeks before the book comes out in exchange for posting an HONEST review of the book on release day.


I give preference to readers who have reviewed one or more of my books (and yes, reviewing now counts), especially those who have book blogs, though that isn't a requirement.

My ARC program is handled by my assistant Angela Hayes. If you’d like to be considered, just send an email to: BetaPackAssistant [at] gmail [dot] com. Send her a link to the review(s) you've written, and ask her to sign you up for the ARC Pack in time for Liv's next release.

Here's how the ARC program will work:

1. Email Angela to be considered for the ARC Pack.

2. After you are invited to become a member of the ARC Pack, you will receive an ARC copy about 2 weeks before release day. Please let Angela know if you can't review the book and you will be exempt for this book.

3. On the release day, please post your review and tell Angela it's up so she can check you off the list. To stay on the list, you must post an HONEST review of the book.

4. One week after the release day, Angela will email the pack members who haven't replied to remind them that the program is designed for early reviews. To remain on the list, you will be asked to please post your review within 2 weeks.

5. Ten days after release day, members who have not reviewed the book will receive a final notice. Angela will be limiting the number of reviewers in the ARC Pack, so failure to review the book will result in the loss of the pack member's spot on the list. She will be keeping a waiting list for readers who want to become members of the ARC Pack.
If you have any questions about joining the ARC Pack, please send an email to: LivBrywood [at] gmail [dot] com.


  1. Thanks for the info and I will try to be an ARC Reviewer.
    Lisa Foster

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I added you to the ARC team. The next ARC will go out the end of Jan. You'll get an email from my assistant Angela Haynes.

      Thank you for signing up!

  2. OOOOO Now this is great incentive to get caught up on your books Liv! I would LOVE to be an ARC reviewer for you! I will get caught up on your already released books, then start the process to hopefully become your ARC reviewer! I am a very anal reader and MUST read everything in the correct reading order, so all of your books are now entered onto my review log and as soon as they are all read & reviewed, you will be hearing from me!

    Cheers!!!! HUGS Have a great one & take care Honey! xoxo

    Cherri-Anne Boitson
    Voted 2nd Favorite Book Reviewer of 2015

  3. Hi Cherri,

    Please send an email to my assistant, or to me, and we'll get you on the list. My assistant's email is listed in the posting above. Mine is Livbrywood @ gmail . com (Take out the spaces).

    Thank you!

  4. Can I be considered for your ARC pack please. I haven't read any of your work as yet but I have reviewed other books previously. I love finding authors I haven't previously known about and would love the chance to sample your work. I'm a quick reader and can easily get reviews done for deadline.


    Happy writing. Take care xx

    1. My name is Elizabeth. Sorry I forgot to introduce myself

  5. I would love to be one of your ARC reviewers. I love love the Cowbears. Ive read them twice. I just started the Curvy B&B ones. So far I am hooked. My name is Penny.

  6. You are my favorite writer I love all of your books but especially your bear shifter, please write more.