Thursday, May 22, 2014

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Feral Seduction

Stryde, the reclusive alpha male of the Dark Moon Pack, doesn’t believe in love. Fate claimed the life of his mate and he refuses to spend more than a few nights with any woman. But when he meets Brandy, Sheriff Watkin’s niece, she turns his world inside out.

Brandy’s stuck living with her uncle while her father, the useless town drunk, does his time in prison. Her uncle makes her swear not to go into the woods at night, which is as good as a dare as far as she’s concerned. While searching for the werewolves’ den, she’s caught in a snowstorm and must ride out the storm in very close quarters with Stryde. The more he tries to resist her, the more she wants him and for once in her life, she intends to get what she wants.

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